Why Join LABO?

 As a 501 © 3 non-profit membership organization, LABO’s mission is to increase economic prosperity and business growth opportunities for Latin American businesses.

LABO  strives to achieve mission driven success by ensuring its members have access to culturally appropriate  training and development resources in the following areas:      organizational development, technology, financial, marketing and communications.


LABO was founded in February 2016 by Efrain Medina.  As an expert in corporate finance, Efrain saw the lack of opportunities available for Latin American owned businesses to strive and grow. Today LABO provides these opportunities for its members and the communities we serve.  Together Latin and other American owned business are able to forge an alliance with like minded people that will strive to advance diversity, inclusion  and economic prosperity for all involved.

Become a Member


As a LABO Business Member, you are part of a vast network of  diverse businesses and professionals who share a common vision of improving economic success.   LABO  Members also have access to an array of resources, growth opportunities and learning experiences to help advance your organizations growth. 

LABO provides support and development in the following areas: Management, Technology, Financial, Professional Development and Community Engagement. LABO’s prides itself on offering culturally specific programs and services while welcoming  anyone who shares our vision.


LABO Membership Benefits Highlights


Subscription to LABO’s Quarterly E-Newsletter


Access to LABO Events and Business Referral Groups


Opportunity to host, brand, participate in LABO Event*


Business Development Opportunities and much more...


Company Logo on LABO’s Webpage


Job Postings through LABO’s Email E-Newsletter


Member-to-Member Discounts


LABO Membership Levels are designed to be inclusive and affordable for all types and sizes of businesses. LABO will work with your business leaders to identify key areas of interest in order to maximize your organizations return on investment.  This may include customizable initiatives and    activates that leverage LABOs membership and resources.

LABO’s membership renews annually. Memberships begin from the day your business enrolls and   expires on the last day of the 12th month of your membership. 

Latin American Business Organization

The Latin American Business Organization (LABO) is the most comprehensive and leading latino business development organization headquartered in Massachusetts. 

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